Saturday, April 18, 2015

Life Makeover 3.0

I am a 57 years old widow that is looking for a way to reboot her life and also "pay it forward" as I go. After years as a caregiver I lost almost everyone in my family over the course of the last seven years (my mother in 2007, my dear husband of 30 years in October of 2011 and my beloved older brother just 11 months later). Then just four monthes after that my sister Angela got very sick and spent the better part of the next 15 months in-and-out of intensive care.

I was widowed suddenly, and we had used up all of our savings in the months prior on my husband's deteriorating health and he left no life insurance or will. As a result I have been thrust into poverty. While I have finally graduated from college (after taking an additional two years off to care for my dying brother and my sister) I am unable to find a job that would allow me to do this on my own in the time allowed me.

My home is in foreclosure and I only have 90 days to rescue it, I am two months behind in all of my bills, I just got a job - but it's part-time. I need a car first and foremost - so that I can continue to act as my developmentally disabled sister's guardian and to take on a second job because my own car finally died. I suffer from severe fibromyalgia and arthritis which makes doing things extremely painful.

I want to be independent and productive and a car and the ability to rescue my home would allow me to do this. I want to help other women who are in my position - finding their entire lives turned upside down just as they are reaching their 50's. I want to continue to offer solace to young people who would otherwise not find safety in their present situation. I have a B.S. in Psychology and a loving, caring heart and given the chance I can make a real difference in people's lives.

I owe several years past due Real Estate taxes (ever since my husband died), 5939.47 is the minimum I need in order to negotiate a loan modification, student loans will start in June, I presently owe 1256.24 in utility bills so I don't have everything shut off, and a decent, not fancy car. There are other expenses I haven't listed because it all seems a bit overwhelming - even to me.

I have lived in this house for almost 25 years and it has always been a refuge for others. It's an old house and over the years has accumulated a number of serious maintenance issues - none of which I can pay for right now. Many a "rented kid" has found a home here - even a single mother and her kids trying to put their lives back together.

I am not sure I could continue to do this in any other space and without help now... please help me continue to be a source of solace and support. I know there are other women who find themselves here after a sudden radical change in their lives and young people who need a place where they can feel safe being who they are.

But right now I desperately need to catch-up on my bills and then more than anything I need another car because my sister will again require extensive surgery and there is no other way to get to Oregon Illinois from Rockford (no bus or train service) and I have always been there for her - it's only been a year since she was so ill I almost lost her. Back then I had a car (12 years old) but now even that is gone.