Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve Thoughts...

December 31st last day of 2015 – New Year’s Eve – and the day has begun on a mixed note.  I am able to use Erich’s car to go to & from work and to go shopping at Schnucks after, I had a decadent breakfast of chicken salad and crackers and slept till 8am to boot.  Yet I am unable to reach the realtor on either her direct line or her cell phone and have left messages on both.  I’m a bundle of nerves surrounding the issue of money even while the rest of my life is positively fine!  I am looking forward to a wonderful New Year!  Just looking around me I am reminded at all points about how blessed this year has been.  Where I am today looks nothing like where I was a year ago.  Over the course of the year I started a new job, took my GRE, learned to live alone and even moved into my very own apartment, became a biological grandmother for the first time to an amazing little boy named Jackson, and lost almost 20 more pounds.

I returned to my faith community and began to find peace with the ghosts of the past, allowing me to bring them along as memories not agonies.  My children and rented children have also done well this year – new jobs, new homes; new experiences with the loves they brought along.  I am amazed at how bountiful the blessings have been – we are all farther along on our journeys than were this time last year – who could ask for better?

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